Monday, March 12, 2012

[Make] Tea Dyed & Painted Tulle Eggs

While Spring cleaning this weekend I came across a roll of white tulle. What does one do with a roll of white tulle besides wrap wedding presents and make big fluffy tulle balls? Then I got to thinking... Well how about big fluffy Tulle Eggs?

and of course ya can't just leave them white!

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How to Make Tulle Eggs
1. supplies needed-- tulle, ribbon or string to tie, scissors
2. wrap 3 yards of tulle around your hand (or use a pompom maker)
3. tie the tulle in the middle, make sure that it's tight.
4. cut the looped ends.
5. fluff out your tulle ball.
6. trim the ball into an egg shape.

Tulle Egg!
you can leave it at that OR... you can color your eggs

How to Tea Dye or Color Tulle with Acrylic Paint

method 1: Use acrylic paint for a brightly-colored look.  Lightly dab paint on the outer edges of the tulle egg.  Then rub in the paint with your fingers-- Easy and messy.  For a subtle ombre effect, use paint sparingly.  

method 2: Use tea for a subtle "vintage" look.  Brew hot tea as you usually do for drinking and let seep (I used an herbal pomegranate tea for a dusty pink effect) .  Place tulle in tea for 1 hour.  Then rinse and dry.

 Pretty and so colorful!

I'm still recovering from PDST (post-daylight-savings-time), so looking at these brightly colored eggs are a nice afternoon pick-me-up.  And a shot of espresso also helps.  :)

Have a good one!

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