Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Make] Twig Letters

Click "Read more" for the tutorial

soak branch in warm water for at least an hour, preferably overnight for thicker sticks.
you may need to steam them in a pot if you are using very thick branches.

while the sticks are still wet and flexible, bend them into a cylindrical shape
for letters with larger curves (i.e. G),  i used a jar to shape the sticks
for letters with smaller curves (i.e. S, P, R), i used a paper towel role 

let the sticks dry overnight and remove from the jar and towel role.
they should retain their curvy shape.

start shaping the letters and bind them together with a little glue.

i used a hot glue gun, but white glue will work as well.

i lightly sponged on white paint to bring out the texture on the sticks.

How's that for a rainy day activity?  There are so many cool projects that can be made using this technique. Next I'm going to see if this will work for a fun branch bracelet. Stay tuned!

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