Saturday, March 10, 2012

[Make] Shamrock Window Clings

Today I was in full-blown Easter mode when my 5 year old threw me for a loop with this question-- "Way-da-minute mommy...What about St. Patrick's Day?".  Wha?  Oh yeah... Evidently leprechauns have been playing tricks at his school so he's really into it this year.

I've been using washi tape to hang the boys' artwork on our kitchen windows (my favorite place to display their colorful art) and noticed their nice translucent quality.   Then I got to thinking-- pretty colors, removable, easy to cut into fun shapes... And that's how these washi tape shamrock window decals were born.

the hardest part of this project was trying to photograph them against the light...

To make the window clings, I followed this sticker tutorial by Creature Comforts.  I took Ez's advice and used unbleached baking paper for the backing. It worked like a charm.  I traced the shamrock shape directly onto the baking paper then layered the tape on the back with a slight overlap.  After that, I cut-out the shape, peeled off the backing and stuck it onto our glass door.

For the shamrock, I used a free template from this site.  Wait a minute... are shamrocks four leaf clovers?  Hmmm, in this case... Yes, they are! 

These were so easy to make that I'll definitely have to do this for Easter too. I already have my bunny and egg templates ready to go.  :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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