Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Inspired by] Pigeons

Every now and then I'll see something that just speaks to me.  At the moment, it's this powder room...

zoe johns & max castalano's powder room via design*sponge

It's not the "cool art gallery in the pooper" aspect, nor the dark chalkboard painted walls, but the pigeons. Ahhhhh the pigeons.   Maybe it's because there aren't many pigeons where I live (I think the hawks get them) or perhaps they just speak to my former city girl self... But in print they are not pesty, poopy or dirty... just cool.  :)

Here are some "cool" ways to add some pigeon to your life...

contemporary print via the micro mentalist

fine print on canvas via vyala arts

london pigeon tote via alfitude design

pillow via bpoetic home

water color via jason paints 1

tote via cafe press

giclee print via oelwein

 pigeon shopper via paul farrell

digital download via madame bricolage

pablo the pigeon via oeuf
i'm imagining a bunch of these in a new york-inspired kid's room...

tshirt via eden bella

acrylic print via sparkle hen

Okay, I think that's enough pigeons.... for now.

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