Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Make] Bling-Bling Rhinestone Monogram

When in doubt, add rhinestones.  That's not really my motto, but it seems to work for this project.  This glitzy monogram would be a fun addition to a number of special occasions-- wedding, bridal shower, girls birthday party... really anything that needs a little sparkle. Or maybe even room decor-- hey, it looks kinda nice on our dresser.

This actually isn't my monogram, but is something that I'm working on for the holidays. More on that later.  :)

Here's how you can make your own shiny, sparkly monogram--

A few notes:

I painted the cardboard letter with Martha Stewart's multi-purpose paint in Mother of Pearl-- just enough gleam without being silver. Since I painted both sides of the letter, I found it easier and neater to paint on wax paper instead of newspaper (no print transfer).

I have to admit that the bedazzle process is a bit mundane.  Definitely something to do while listening to good music (or perhaps sorta/kinda watching the Olympics).  It took me about 3 hours to glue the rhinestones onto this 12-inch letter... this would be much quicker with a smaller sized letter, and even more quicker if you're not obsessed with fitting everything together perfectly.  :)

Just a few more hours of bedazzling to go and I'll be ready for Christmas!  :)

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