Saturday, July 21, 2012

[Our Week] Turning Four!

Someone special turned Four this week! We kept it simple and he had a wonderful time. Honestly, we could've stopped with the balloons... A room full of giant 16-inch balloons about made his year.  :)
I stayed up late the night before to blow up these bad boys... By the end, I was dizzy. I think it counts as exercise. ;)  Worth the effort though, it's been keeping them busy-- there's a game of jungle volleyball-oon going on as I type.

We had a few more surprises for the birthday boy.  Some presents, lunch at his favorite restaurant, a visit with Chuck E. and a trip to the pet store to pick out our newest family member.

The boys decided on the name Garfield... from the Garfield the Cat comic strip.  They came across my old Garfield comic books and for some reason Happy Vee has a connection with the cantankerous cat. Funny guy!  So Happy Vee had a wonderful birthday and I've been busy learning about keeping an aquarium.  It's quite a process, but so far so good.

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

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