Friday, August 24, 2012

[Travel] Kauai, Part II

Another post about Kauai...  But this time I thought I'd share some of our personal photos.  I have family there and have visited over 40 times, but Kauai is a place that I never tire of.  The mix of gorgeous scenery, balmy weather, pristine natural resources and the Hawaiian lifestyle makes it a real-life utopia.

I'm so happy that my kids can experience some of the same "magic" that I enjoyed when I spent my childhood summer vacations there-- fishing; crabbing; playing with cousins; eating yummy food; being spoiled by aunties; going on excursions to pick lilikoi, mountain apple, guava and other exotic fruits; swimming in unpolluted waters; going on adventures to find a secret waterhole, or catch mountain shrimp, or find some exotic mushroom; spending time in a large extended family... basically having a free, unrestricted and unscheduled summer!

However, I'm also a little sad that some of our family traditions are disappearing as the older generation passes on.  I guess that is just the way life goes, but I hope that by bringing them "home" they will make impressionable memories, find a connection to their heritage and carry that on into their own lives.

the boys and me at the kilauea lighthouse lookout ; smarty pants fishing... didn't catch a thing but it was still fun!
grandma and the kids looking for small fish and shrimp ; great uncle giving happy vee some sugar cane to chew on
the boys celebrating cousin e's big catch (an 11-foot marlin) ; smarty pants hooking tilapia with his cousin 
(then throwing them back because they are considered inedible here... just like most mainlanders won't eat spam.. ha ha!)
a very content pomeranian, living the life ; the mister getting his relax on
our fun ride... just needs a long board on top! ; happy vee and his prize crab... the kid LOVES seafood.

So with Summer vacation and camps behind us, and most of their friends back in school, I need to keep the boys busy the next week and a half...  I'm thinking an excursion to the Santa Barbara Zoo and a visit to the LA Museums may be in our near future. 

Have a terrific weekend!

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