Thursday, August 2, 2012

[Party] Washi Tape Decorations, Part 2

We had Happy Vee's birthday party last weekend.  It was a low key affair at a local children's art studio and we decided upon a sea animal and bubble theme in honor of Happy Vee's new pet-- Garfield the Fish

Since this was a bit of a last minute thing and it was a small party, I decided to make the decorations using my stash of washi tape.  I posted the other washi tape decorations and then decided to finish it up with a couple more things. Since Happy Vee LOVES balloons,  I knew that I had to do something balloon-related for him.

And of course I had to incorporate a little washi tape into the invitation too...

Washi Tape Balloon Tail / Flag Streamer--

Really easy to make.  You'll just need some string (I used baker's twine) and a little time to play with the washi tape.  

I put the tape around the string first, then went back and trimmed it into a flag.

Here's  the "under the sea" backdrops that the kids created--

Cool, huh. It's basically wax resist, water colors and a little salt for a crackle-effect.  The kids later went on to draw their sea creatures.

The art teacher taught them how to draw puffer fish, albino salamanders and blob fish using familiar shapes and concepts.  The kids were very attentive and did a great job.

So Happy Vee had a great time with his friends and Smarty Pants learned that he could also have fun and participate even with a cast and sling (what a trooper!).  His art came out pretty nice even though he was drawing with his non-dominant hand. 

So I'm done, done, done with birthday parties for the year.  Yahoo!

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