Thursday, October 11, 2012

[Make] Chalkboard Paint Doodle Pumpkins

Paint.  What a great way to change something up without spending a whole lot of money.  And if you make it chalkboard paint, it takes the fun to a whole new level.

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkins

First, find a pumpkin that needs a little updating...

now if this were a real carved wood pumpkin, i wouldn't paint it... but this a fake plastic one that i picked up at michaels for @ $5. it was screaming for a make-over!

Then paint it!
i used this chalkboard paint that i had leftover from a previous project.  it goes on nice and thick.

These chalkboard pumpkins look fine on their own...
for the leaves and stem, i sponged on this martha stewart brand metallic paint

But since they are made for doodling...
and the beauty of chalk pens? if you don't like it, just wipe it off and start again!

I've tried several chalk pens, but my favorite is this one by marvy/uchida.  The tip keeps its shape and it never gets too drippy.

You've probably noticed that I've been pretty productive this week-- blog redesign and two projects!   Way over my "still recovering from summer" snail's pace. Unfortunately the reason for my productivity is because I've been housebound with a sick 4 year old. He was pretty lively this morning and I thought he was close to kicking his throat infection... but he's back to being feverish again. :(  I've a feeling that another visit to the doctor's office is in our near future.  We've been lucky that all of our activities have been canceled this week for one reason or another.  Here's hoping that next week is a healthier one!

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