Friday, October 26, 2012

[Weekly Inspiration] 10.26.2012

this retro cool pacman garland via mini-eco

this darling french-themed birthday party via lavender's blue :: as seen on babble

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this glitter marquee letter nightlight via whirlwind by RAB on Etsy

this yummy "Make Pesto like an Italian Grandmother" recipe.  hand chopping and sage advice made for a really good pesto sauce!

these large, shimmery ikat art pieces via jennifer moreman on etsy

Oh boy.  What a nutty week.  Just as soon as Smarty Pants started feeling better from his week-long bug, Happy Vee came down with round 2 of a staph infection.  We've been all over the hand washing, but apparently this bug is strong and making the rounds amongst the playground set.  Poor guy had to have a double-injection of antibiotics in his thighs yesterday.  It was painful and for the rest of the day he refused to use his legs and insisted on being carried everywhere-- "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom!  Carry me!"  "Mom, I'm hungry, carry me to the table!"  

Today is our school's fall festival, which is a really awesome event... I will be volunteering my time there, but unfortunately the poor guy will be laying low at home with daddy.   Here's hoping for a healthier week ahead!

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