Tuesday, February 12, 2013

bliss bloom {blog} is on Facebook!

This weekend I decided it was time to get with the 21st century-- bliss bloom {blog} has a Facebook Page. Woo hoo!  So if you're on Facebook, come "like" bliss bloom {blog}.

And while I was tinkering around,  I also gave the blog a much needed facelift. I simplified the overall design so that it is more cohesive and easier on the eyes. At least I hope that's what I did.  :)

If you're reading this through a RSS feed, here's what it looks like--

Everything else is pretty much the same. You can still search by category and link to current projects in the right sidebar.

You can also find more projects by clicking on the tabs under the blog header. I'm pretty good at keeping these pages updated and it's a nice visual way to see everything sorted out by category-- parties, holiday projects, home projects, etc.

And that, my friends, is the end of the impromptu blog tour.  Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!

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