Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Reads // "Divergent" Book Series

I really should be working on some new projects or at least straightening up the house, but instead I've found myself being sucked in and completely engulfed by a book. Or actually, a few books. Have you heard of the "Divergent" book series by Veronica Roth? It's touted as the new "Hunger Games"-- young adult lit, dystopian society, lots of action, violence, good vs. evil, a little romance. Similar to HG and yet, the characters and plot are different enough that you don't compare the two series. At least I didn't. 

if the chocolate cake and black & grey clothing don't make sense...  you'll have to read the books to find out their significance!

So I've read Divergent, Insurgent and even Free Four, a 16 page excerpt from the male protagonist's point of view. And, like a bunch of folks, I'm eagerly awaiting Allegiant, the final book which is scheduled to be released in October. I found Insurgent, the second book, to be better than the first, so I can't wait to see what enfolds in the third and final book. 

For those who prefer to watch rather than read, you won't be left out... A movie is already in the works and is scheduled to be released in 2014.

sources: chocolate cake via tastespotting; divergent, insurgent and allegiant book covers via amazon; "abnegation" grey dress via farfetch ; "dauntless" black top via farfetch; leggings via stylebop; black boots via nordstrom. And a couple more cool boot options via steve madden & frye.