Monday, July 22, 2013

Party // Gummy Bears!

This past weekend we celebrated my youngest's Fifth birthday with a Gummy Bear party! We had the party at his favorite gymnastic place so all I had to do was provide a little decoration and food. These days I'm all for simple and this was one of the easier parties that I have planned; Bright colors and a simple bear shape. You really can't go wrong with that!

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Gummy Bear Party


I'm not a graphic designer, so I kept it simple by taking close-up photos of the gummy bears and then adding it to the invite that I created in PhotoShop.

I also created a sticker to seal the envelope by printing a photo of the gummy bears on clear labels.

fonts used: kid's name-- Adam Gorry Inline via  ; rest of the invite-- Abadi MT Condensed Light

source: clear labels ; photoshop elements


Of course the favors had to be gummy bears!  I wanted the favors to also double as table decoration, so I looked around for bear-shaped vessels.  I decided to use empty honey containers because they are food safe, kid safe (plastic) and, it doesn't hurt that I also found a good deal on Amazon.

I also bought two 5 lb bags of gummy bears online. This amount easily filled 24 12-oz honey bottles, covered a cake and I still have plenty of gummy bears to spare. The birthday boy is thrilled.


So the little boy who loves gummy bears also LOVES jello. As in, will eat it every day, three times a day, if allowed. So when I saw a cute gummy bear ice tray, I knew it would be perfect for a jello mold. 

The quick and easy instructions-- Use the jello jigglers recipe. If you're using one 3 oz box, it's 2/3 cup hot water to one 3oz box jello mix. Spray the mold with vegetable oil before filling it with the hot jello mix. Refrigerate until firm. To remove the jello from the mold, fill a shallow pan with hot water and dip in the bottom of the mold. The sides will separate from the mold and you can than push out the jello into a container.

I only bought one mold, but the small 3 oz box of jello filled the tray and any extra I poured into another silicon mold that I already had on hand (actually, this one from a lego party).

It's not too hard to turn ordinary paper plates into cool bear plates. If you have extra paper, a circle cutter and a stapler, this is an easy way to add to the gummy bear theme without too much work or stress. If you're slightly anal like me, you can color over the staples with a Sharpie pen. 

I did not get a great shot of the birthday cake, but it's pretty easy to figure out. Order or make a plain white cake and top it with gummy bears. Ours was frosted with whip-cream and filled with custard... Light and not too sweet. Yummy!

I freehanded a template for this bear banner and cut them out of brightly colored paper. Nothing fancy, but they're fun and go with the theme.

So that's a wrap! The hubs is trying to convince me that this should be the last "big" birthday party for the boys and, while I partially agree because I'm burnt out, I love how happy they are to have a special day with friends. They're still young, and I have 10 months to recover... So we'll see!  ;)

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