Thursday, July 18, 2013

We're Back!

Just dropping in to say hello!  We've been traveling the past couple of weeks. Fourteen wonderful days of togetherness, which, as you probably can imagine with two young kids, is unpredictable and an adventure in itself.

Since we were out of the States and also spent a week at Sea, it was a true vacation from all of the daily noise and distraction that comes along with WiFi, 3G, and their cousin FIOS.

beautiful mother nature. no filters or photoshop necessary!

I wish I could stay in unscheduled vacation-mode bliss, but two weeks of dirty laundry beckons, not to mention my youngest's 5th Birthday Party is scheduled for this weekend, and I have a TON of things going on behind the scenes of the blog... So back to reality for me!   But seriously, I could stare at this sunset picture all day long...  :)