Monday, March 31, 2014

Make // Egg Carton Flower Frame

A couple of weeks ago I transformed some egg cartons into roses. Sound strange? They actually turned out pretty cool-- Go check it out here.

After tossing around a few ideas, I decided to display them on a framed mirror that I picked up a few years ago. I wasn't enamored with the frame's original color (black) or odd shape, but I knew it had potential.

The mirror can easily be removed, which makes this project extra versatile. Here are a few ideas that come to mind… 1) hang as a decorative mirror;  2) or a wreath; 3) or perhaps a flowered tray.

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How to Make a Flowered Frame

Materials Needed:
Egg Carton Rose Tutorial - I used 4 cartons to make 16 roses
frame - my frame measures 12-in in diameter
mirror to fit frame (optional)
spray paint (optional) - I used a white primer
hot glue gun or strong adhesive


Using this tutorial, make your flowers out of egg cartons. I used four cartons to make sixteen roses. You can leave them unpainted if you like. I think they look nice either way. When they are painted, you can see more of the "character" (aka imperfections) of the egg carton and they take on a plaster, shabby chic-like look.

If necessary, paint your frame. I wanted a matte look, so I painted my frame with a white primer.

I happened to find this framed mirror on deep discount at Joanns a few years ago. However, if you can't find a framed mirror, you can always use a regular picture frame and buy a mirror insert. Most craft stores have them, and you can also find them online in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Let the paint dry, then glue on the flowers. I used my trusty, ol' hot glue gun. Easy and done!

Flowered Mirror--

Decorative Tray--

Flowered Wreath--

Not too bad for a former chicken egg holder.

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