Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Week // 3.20.2014

Happy Spring! Have you noticed the change of season in the last week or so? Or is ol' man winter still holding strong? We've had an unusually mild winter and the confused plants started blooming in January, however, I always know that it is Spring when the song birds migrate back to our area. It's always nice to be gradually woken up each morning by their cheerful chatter. We also have a ton of baby bunnies that seem to have cropped-up overnight. They are everywhere! And they are destroying our front yard… but they look darn cute while doing it. Yes, Spring is finally here. I hope that those of you who have experienced a long, hard winter will see and feel the effects soon.

So with the bunnies, flowers and birds abound, here are a few faves from this week--

Want to do something crafty this weekend? Change up a decorative mirror or frame with a little sheet moss. Something easy, different and temporary. If I ever get around to it, I may incorporate this into a Spring mantel.

tip: If you need to glue down your sheet moss to make it sturdy, glue it to heavy cardstock. That way it can be easily removed when the moss-love goes away and you want your old frame or mirror back.

If you're like me and like to keep your oh-so-sexy toe cleavage under wraps, check out these flattering flats.  I bought them in black ikat but maybe I should've gone bold with hot pink and orange?

Camera shy? I love these tips for getting in the shot. Especially helpful if you're the primary photographer of the family.

I need to go here to get these for my craft room.

I smelled this in Thai Lily and had to have it. I need my whole world to smell this good so I'm buying this next. The sales person was raving about the hand cream in coconut milk mango too… And that's what happens when I go to the store to return stuff. Sucked back in!

If craft stores looked like anthropologie… I would be in BIG trouble. BIG! But since they mostly look like a hot mess-- akin to Wal-mart the day after Christmas, my bank account is safe. Phew!  :)

Have a groovy weekend!