Monday, July 21, 2014

Party // Minecraft - Part 1

My Little. My funny and rambunctious, yet sweet and caring child… He turned SIX last week!! When I started this blog, he was just eight months old. Sometimes I have to think in terms of blogging to get a perspective on time. All I know is that it's going by much too quickly.

He is the child who easily makes friends, likes to perform… jazz hands and all, is a friend to everyone and just loves to laugh and play. He is also the child who is concerned about others, will sit and comfort a friend, and likes to throw in surfer words like "dude" and "epic" whenever he can-- "Mommy, that chicken was epic".  :D  Right now he has the missing front teeth lisp so it sounds even better.

This bundle of happiness is also a HUGE fan of Minecraft. His party is later this month, but since he's a summer babe (no celebrating at school with his buddies) I decided to make a little something special for him at home.

Behold Mr. Balloon Creeper! I was going to make it out of small square plates, but he's a balloon guy. He requested a bag of balloons for his birthday-- he's the only person I know who likes to manually blow them up...  So we had to go with balloons. I know they're not square (it's not Minecraft if it's not square and pixelated), but aside from shiny mylar, I don't think square balloons exist. Well, at least not yet.  :)

He's also my guy that likes to sit down and assemble things, so with Grandma's help we spent a couple of hours folding up these Minecraft papercraft cubes and this cute mob. I never thought of a mob as cute, but… this one is! Either that, or Minecraft is growing on me. He's playing with them now and we'll use them later as party decorations. I briefly contemplated printing my own-- there are many freebies on the internet, but then decided that it'd be more cost effective if I just bought the pre-made version. I'm pretty sure my printer ink costs more than this! It's actually really well made and easy to assemble.

One thing I did design myself, is a Creeper Juice Box "skin". This is just a draft… I'll be sharing the final version and free download in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

Another fun detail is this Perler Bead "mob". With their pixelated look, these beads lend themselves perfectly to the Minecraft theme. I shared this "mob" on Facebook earlier this month. These guys are going to be incorporated into the party as well… But more on that later!

So, that's pretty much what's been going on at Casa de BBB… This and a ton of play dates, swimming, sports, camps and birthday parties. I don't think we've ever had such a busy summer, but it's a good busy and it's relatively unscheduled and free of self-imposed stress… So I'm not complaining!

Have a nice week!