Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Week // 7.24.2014

summer reflections via joy st. claire | available on etsy

I've got the de-clutter bug. It doesn't happen often enough so when it comes around, I have to roll with it. I wish "the bug" wouldn't come around when temps are in the mid-90's… but if I'm sweating, I guess it also counts as a workout. It started with my linens, then moved on to all the random home accessories that I've collected over the years--I finally said goodbye to all the tropical/beach house stuff from the 90's. Of course that stuff is coming back in style, but… NO. Then I moved on to the kids toys. That was kind of sad… no longer my little toddlers. But off to homes that will appreciate and get some use out of them. I still have a ways to go since I'm apparently the only one in the family who occasionally gets this de-clutter bug. The rest of the family? Pack Rats. The whole lot of 'em. 

Things I liked this week…

I spend a lot of time outdoors and am looking for a full coverage hat for summer and fall. I'm thinking felt, I'm thinking brown. This one. Or maybe this one. And if money grew on trees, this one.

What You Learn in Your 40's = Skip the drama, everyone's just winging it.

These chicken kebabs sound delish. Yogurt marinade? Paprika? Yes please.

In the real world I'm never a size 00. Except sometimes here. But man… they're comfy, cool and I snagged them for 50% off. Two thumbs  up.

Our attempt at "family game night" quickly petered out. Perhaps we should try again.

I usually don't DIY things that won't last beyond a season… but this is awfully pretty.

An art piece made from drinking straws.

Have a nice weekend!