Friday, December 24, 2010

Fabulous & Creative Christmas Cards

Here are some amazingly creative Holiday Cards that I've discovered in blogland this year...

3-dimensional card via threaded together

 free holiday mailer with tea via brooklyn limestone

another fun idea, card with chapstick via brooklyn limestone

card with "o holy night" reenactment via design mom

i love felt... felt holiday cards via you are my fave

joy photo gallery card via justin hackworth

So our 2010 Christmas card isn't as creative as I would like, but the boys weren't feelin' my initial idea and the best I could get was this...

Here's our attempt at "Peace"...

Then "Joy"...

But, unfortunately, "Love" wasn't working for us that day...

Couldn't get the "Love" right, so I scrapped that idea and then... did nothing.  About a week ago (and after a slight panic attack), I finally ordered our cards and, after a couple of snafus, got them out over the weekend.  Phew!

the "a" looks weird because I photoshopped it in because there was an error on the original proof
i also was shorted envelopes and haven't received my replacements yet...
luckily i happened to have some extras in the right size.
headache aside, i like the design and like to support small businesses when i can

One of these years I will get a photo of the boys together... better yet, a family photo.  One of my to-do's for next year is to find a good family-friendly photographer in our area.  If you know of a good family photographer in the So Cal area, let me know!

Merry Christmas Eve!