Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Martha Monday - Feather Christmas Tree

Ah ha!  To avoid the "fluffy" look, apparently turkey feathers are key...
full detail here

Ah well, no time to re-do this fella...

Perhaps a project for Christmas 2011!

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping, wrapping & baking? 

This weekend I kept myself housebound until I made a dent in the wrapping.  I actually had fun with it and will share some DIY gift wrap ideas later this week.

It's been cold and rainy here.  I know, you can call me a wimp-- Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!  We keep our thermostat at 67 degrees at night, but The Mister switches off the downstairs heater once the kids go to bed.  It's icicle frigid and last night I was wrapping presents with my ski jacket and gloves on.  Seriously!   I know... I'm old AND wimpy!  I'm actually hoping that Santa brings me a Snuggie for Christmas... Really!  Just not the camoflauge print, Santa, I'm not going to be hiding in my snuggie in the wilderness anytime soon.

I STILL have a few more gifts to buy for the "difficult to buy for bunch"-- my ILs and my dad.  Too bad I gave my mom the Snuggie idea last year. :)

Have a fab-u-lous Monday!