Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Just a Number... 40th Birthday Card

At least, that's what I keep telling The Mister.

(poor guy's been having a hard time with the big 4-Oh no!)

Getting older sure gets harder once you pass... 39. 
Of course that'll change once 50 rolls around.
Then 40 will seem so, so, so... Junior!
The fun "40" photos are courtesy of Leo Reynolds on Flickr.  Along with other original photographs, he has an amazing array of photographic typography that he allows the public to share and remix for their own personal use.

Here are a few designs that you may have already seen...

This originally caught my eye several years ago. I even started taking my own "found" letters, but quickly pooped out.  
via uncommon goods
$175??? No thanks, I'll just make my own!

Not *exactly* the same look, but I think it might be fun (and cheaper) to replicate with Leo Reynold's letters or perhaps, with a little patience, search through the Flickr Photo Stream... many cool letters there.

So, do you know someone who is turning 40?
or is having a 40th anniversary?
or just likes the number 40?

Feel free to copy and print this 40's photo montage for your own personal use.
Please be aware of the photographer's restrictions.
Ahem, did you notice that there are forty #40's? It's all about the details, folks!

I printed this out to an 8x12 size,
then cut it out and folded it in half to make a card...

who knew that 40 could be so fun!

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