Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Last Christmas Hurrah

I thought I'd sneak in one last Christmas post... you know, before Cinderella turns back into a pumpkin (or however the story goes).

The Christmas ornament restyle was progressing slowly, so I did minimal tree decor this year.  I didn't even add ribbon like I usually do. Actually, the only thing I hung up (or actually clipped on) were the silver and white poinsettias. My mom and the boys hung the rest... which explains why the bottom of the tree is ornament-heavy and the top half is bare in comparison.  Actually the top half was completely bare before The Mister moved a few ornaments above the equator (it's a good thing someone's tall in our house, because the rest of us are vertically challenged and afraid of ladders).  Okay, not really afraid of ladders... just lazy.

So with that rousing intro, here's 
Our 2010 Christmas Tree...

hmmm... didn't even notice that a strand of lights was out in the middle at the equator.
we didn't bother putting presents under the tree... a little elf who likes to tear paper is too easily tempted.

chock-full of photos, handmade & vintage ornaments (they're vintage if they're from the 70's, right?) and souvenirs that we've collected on our travels.
i could never do a "perfect" department store-type tree... i'm way too nostalgic.

So this year's tree did the trick, but next year, we'll pull out the stops... if I ever finish when I finish the ornament restyle project.
I leave you now with a disco-fied photo of our tree.

image achieved by playing with aperture & exposure

We'll be tucking the Christmas stuff  back into their respective boxes today.  I like starting off the New Year fresh.  I can't believe there's just one more day left in 2010!