Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 New Year's "List"

{I started typing this post in December... time to stop tweaking it so I can get this out before 2012!}

Last year, in lieu of making a new year's resolution, I instead made a 2010 New Year's List-- A long laundry list of things that I hoped to accomplish during the year.  It worked well because I'm hugely motivated by crossing items off a list.  However, since we were still settling into our house last year, the "list" was ridiculously long.  So it's no surprise that there's some things that I never got around to completing. 

A year later and I think it's time to conquer some of these tasks and add a few more!  Here is my new
2011 New Year's To-Do List--

Organize the blasted junk Craft Room
probably not surprising that this is at the top of my list.  my blood pressure will be happy once this room is straightened out!  oh, and this picture was taken after i worked on it a few days.  it looks MUCH better than when i started!

Not enough storage space.  Too cluttered for me to walk into, let alone work in.

what i've done thus far:
I bought the large expedit and it's a start, but i need more practical storage space. Must go vertical!

Donate the misfit toys that somehow ended up in there.
And how did that gigantic sub-woofer end up in there too?
Organize the Expedit
Install shelves in the walk-in closet
Create an inspiration board
Create an idea file
Create a gift wrap area

Organize our Garage Entry

Tripping over shoes, book bags & discarded jackets.

what i've done thus far:

Create a mini-mudroom area in our teeny, tiny garage-entry
Buy hooks for jackets & book bags
Create storage for errant shoes
Set up mail bins

Organize the Office

Most of the paperwork is still in boxes, artwork is still not hung.

what i've done thus far:
Purchased and set-up the furniture.

Set-up and organize the office
Hang wall art
Organize files (ick!)
Unload boxes and organize the other stuff (double ick!)
This is actually The Mister's "to do"... I may just pass the buck :)

Bonus Room

No place to display the kid's artwork
Need to purge the baby toys & reorganize
Absolutely nothing on the walls

what i've done thus far:
Purchased the ikea curtain wire system

Set-up art wall system so we can display the boys' picassos
Purged & reorganized  the toys
Create & hang wall art
Create & hang Map bulleting/magnetic boards
Add wall shelving to store books and magazines

Boy's Rooms

the boys rooms are still not completely set-up


Happy Vee's "Around the World" Room
hang vinyl "world" artwork
create & hang globe mobile
organize his books!
finish photo gallery
hang shelves & chalkboard
hang ceiling "art"
buy big boy bed
Smarty Pant's Car Room
create modern car artwork for over his dresser
hang wall art
create magnetic board
hang ceiling "art"
create car lamp
Other House Stuff
find & buy a rug for our family room
hang the photo wall gallery or art in our family room
finish replacing the window treatment for the upstairs
finish decorating the powder room... new mirror, wallpaper (?)
decorate the boy's joint bathroom
create message board for garage entry
encourage The Mister to finish cleaning out the garage so I can park inside!
install lighting in happy vee's room
install chandelier above kitchen table

For Me

often tired and grouchy, usually caused by not enough sleep & not enough personal time

Get to bed by 11 PM
Be more patient (especially with the 3 yr old who is a tad defiant)
Find time to hang out with the girls more often.
Find a babysitter
Go on more dates with the Hubby
Walk more (the Shape-ups should help, right?)
Get my hair cut more often
Get a massage, by a professional (the one armed, 30 second massage by a sleepy Mister does not count!)
Plan a family trip!

Well, it's nice to have everything written out, but I'm going to need a huge amount of energy and drive to get through this list.  Extra hard with youngsters underfoot.  Come this fall, when Smarty Pants starts Kindergarten and Happy Vee is in Preschool (and I have 2.5 hours of solitude), I just may actually make a dent in it!

Do you have a 2011 "to-do" list?  What are you tackling this year?