Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glass Mosaics

We're experiencing sleeping woes (as in, Happy Vee isn't sleeping... woe is me!), so my creative time has been nonexistent this week. We must correct this soon or else all my new years "resolutions" will be for naught-- especially the resolution of getting a good night's sleep, which heavily influences being more patient and having the energy necessary to tackle the huge job of organizing the office, craft room & garage.

So anyhow, no new projects this week, however I did come across one of my old projects that I thought I'd share.

After the decadence of the holidays, I always long for simplicity and colors that are easy on the eyes. These glass mosaic votives are one of my favorite projects. 

They look pretty during the day, especially propped in the window--

And they also look nice with some mood lighting
(or in this case, a battery-powered candle)

What You'll Need:
hand-me-down or goodwill drinking glass/vase
tile nippers (bought mine at Home Depot)
heavy rubber gloves to protect your fingers
goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from shards
colored grout

Quick Instructions:
Wash and dry glass
Wear goggles & gloves when "cutting" tile
Cut glass tiles with tile nippers (mine are cut into 3rds and 4ths)
Sort tiles by color
Use clear caulking to "glue" tile to glass to create your mosaic
Let dry for 24 hours
Grout project (follow instructions on box) and let dry
Wipe down project to get rid of grout residue

Hope you're having a great week!  Still can't believe we're in 2011...

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