Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Martha Monday - Quick DIY Projects

I know, the title should be
Oh Martha Tuesday... almost Wednesday

We had a wild and wacky weekend (in a good way) and I'm just starting to recover now... at 11 PM on Tuesday night.  It went a little something like this--

Friday, 10 hours at Disneyland (thanks to my parents for buying us annual passes!).  I broke out my new Sketchers Shape-ups... After a full day of walking, my glutes seriously didn't know what hit them.  Very comfortable shoes though and only one blister-- but that's because I have flintstone feet that are "allergic" to shoes.  The cutest part was when Happy Vee was trying to convince Mickey Mouse to come outside to play.  Mickey was pretty good at the miming and conveyed to him that he couldn't leave the photo-op booth.  Hilarious!

Saturday, In the morning we headed out to the Martin Luther King Jr Parade in San Diego.  The boys had a blast waving at everyone and collecting sticker *badges* from all the law enforcement agencies. If I ever get pulled over (knock on wood), I'm going to flash one of those badges and see if it works.  Ha ha! (yeah, I know, one should not joke with cops officers).  That night we went to the SDU basketball game because The Mister loves all things basketball, even when very bad basketball is being played... But we scored the tickets for free at the parade and the kids enjoyed the experience (and the free jerseys). Free, free, free... everyone wins!  Oh, except for SDU.  :)  We also pigged out at our favorite Vietnamese noodle house in Fashion Valley.

Sunday, We spent some time at Horton Plaza (buying birthday presents), the SD Children's Museum (a must see if you're in San Diego with kids), and the park @ Petco Park (a relaxing place to visit if you have kids and/or dogs). 

Monday, 8 hours at California Adventure (again, thanks to my parents for buying us annual passes).  I again wore the Shape-ups and now the glutes are just plain ol' tuckered out.  And I may be out of the loop, but when did Disney go Techno?  We sat through the strange, yet kinda interesting, yet still very strange, "elecTRONica" show, then the next thing we knew, we were walking into a *portal* where apparently all strobe lights, lasers and techno music go to die.  I hate techno music and I've already lived through the 80's, so we were outta there pretty quickly. 

Anyhoot,  I'm WAY off topic!  Here are some fun projects from Miss Martha that can freshen up the decor while staying within budget.  I don't know about you, but at the beginning of a new year I subconciously find myself tightening up the financial bootstraps.  Which is a good thing.  After the *craziness* of the holidays, it feels good to be a little spartan for a while.  Here are some of my favorite projects--

frame gallery
i've seen this before, but it always catches my eye. 

photo enlargement project
this would also work well with vintage postcards, letters, passports, stamps...

cork-top table
i think i may need to do this to all of our tables... hotwheels and wood do not get along!

rope seat stools

full detail here

Have a fantastic Monday Tuesday Wednesday!  Oh, and if the stars align, I may have a project to share with you later this week!