Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Inspiration - 1.22.2011

So many great blogs.... So little time.  How does one keep track?  I use Google Reader to "follow" my somewhat ginormous list of favorite blogs.  It's the only way that I can keep track of the many interesting ideas, projects and inspirations that blogland has to offer. I'm hoping that one day the good folks at Google will come up with a way to categorize "favorites"-- but, until then, I'll just continue to *star* my favorite posts and cross my fingers that I remember the correct "search" words.

I find myself *starring* interesting posts on a daily basis, but don't always have the time or opportunity to incorporate them into my own blog.  So I thought I'd highlight a few posts each week which have caught my attention and perhaps, have caused me to pause and think a little... which is usually a good thing! :)

Happy Reading!

marshmallow structures via the artful parent
my kids would literally "eat this up!"

ars gratia artis via little girl big closet & adiaphane
beautiful photos.  i think they're taking the fashion blog concept to a whole new level.

to buy, or not to buy, that is the question...

 junk drawer overhaul via brooklyn limestone
this serves as a gentle reminder to myself-- "hey, you're not done cleaning that junk drawer room!  get back to it, pronto!

blogging tips by madigan made
i think she hit it out of the ballpark with these tips.  good advice for all bloggers and, if you're interested in the "behind the scenes" of a blogging, an informative read.

candy cane heart suckers via the idea room
my kids love peppermint and would absolutely adore these. too bad i don't have any leftover candy canes this year.

Have a great weekend!