Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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David Nicholls

So I've read One Day (can't remember the last time when a book made me cry) and I'm currently reading Starter for Ten (aka A Question of Attraction in the US).  All I know is that David Nicholls can tell a great story, with complex characters, witty dialogue and crazy all-too-real situations that we can all identify with, but may not want to admit.... ever.  If you enjoy British humor, clever writing and a revisit to the mid-80's, give these books a try.

The book begins on July 15, 1988 as Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew "hang out" after graduation ceremonies from the University of Edinburgh, then part ways as they begin the next chapter of their lives. The storyline then follows the peaks and valleys of their lives and checks-in with them on that same day, July 15th, for the next 20 years thereafter.  Do they become friends?  Lovers?  Will they ever be happy?  Sound a little like When Harry Met Sally?  Well, it's nothing like that (although there is a line that Emma says about "not being the consolation prize" which is very Sally-ish), but this uniquely told story with its witty dialogue and compelling insight had me from year one.  If you like love stories that are real and unedited, then you'll love One Day.  Oh, and the movie version comes out next month!  In most book-begets-movie scenarios, I usually prefer the book version.  However, if done well, this will be a good movie.  And Anne Hathaway as Emma?--  I'm already lining up the babysitter.  :)