Friday, August 12, 2011

Segueing into Fall

All the stores are hawking their new Fall lines, but I'm holding off a little longer.  At least I was planning to until, on a lark, I tried these shoes on... and then, didn't want to take them off.  Then The Mister said I should get them-- a subtle hint that the shoes that I've been wearing all summer may be ready to retire.  Burned, then retired.  Burned, bagged, then retired. Then burned again. Then bagged. That's it.

Fall weather usually doesn't start in Southern California until November, so I need a shoe to get me from now to then in comfortable style-- Let me clarify, not the type of style that one wears whilst sitting in the front row of the show, of the IT designer, next to some young hottie at Fashion Week, but the type of style to jump over kids toys (without spraining my ankles) and look good doing it.  Ah ha, big difference!   They are really light and comfy though and I'm going to spray the heck out of them with a suede protector so that they make it through the gap. 

Fall is my favorite season (fashion and otherwise), so I'm sure I'll be back later with more ((random)) posts.  Have a great weekend!