Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh Martha Monday - Back to School

Whether you have school-age children or not, here a some fun ideas from Martha that are both Back to School and Everyday appropriate--

i cheated and bought the personalized stickers, but permanent ink and stamps work too.
label... everything

aw, i remember doing this when i was a kid... extra pretty wrapped in a map.
cover those books

nevermind the kids, i'm going to do this for my own supplies!
organize school supplies

cute idea... would work for a menu planning chart too.

hey, i want one of these!

i like the clean look of these round cubbies.
paint can cubbies

my boys wouldn't appreciate these... but i like 'em.
decorated pencils

start off each day with a good breakfast...

these breakfast sandwiches look yummy too

and last but not least, the all-important...

Do you have kids going back to school this year?  We have a few more weeks of summer, but several of our friends start school this week.  Crazy times! 

We got back into town last night.  This has been a crazy month and we've been home all of 5 days since July 25th.  So good to be home!  I will try to catch up this week.  Have a nice Monday!