Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pretty Handmade Journals

Do you journal?  I don't... at least not in the traditional sense.  However, I do keep a notebook where I basically do a daily brain dump-- project ideas, party planning, shopping lists, to do lists, gift ideas... if I thought of it, most likely it's in there.  While my notebook is an important part of keeping me functional and somewhat organized, I tend to lose it almost on a daily basis.  Why?  Because it's pretty darn boring and tends to get lost amongst all the rest of the stuff on my desk. 

here's my journal in its present state

A little basic and a whole lot of retro... who doesn't love a composition book?  I purchase them by the pack at Costco (6 books for $4.99).  Does anyone still use them to write compositions though?? It really makes the perfect notebook-- thin, but the pages are large enough that I have plenty of room to scrawl and draw;  the binding is strong, nothing worse than having a notebook fall apart of you;  nicely lined so I don't have to force myself to write small and neat;  and it fits in my purse with room to spare.

here's a peek inside... i suppose it's like a glimpse into my brain... eek!  it's a little messy in there :)

like my "tabs"?

Since my "journal" contains all of my creative ideas (and then some), I decided to to get creative with it.  I kept it simple-- pretty paper, pretty punches and glue.

my new and improved journals

:: exhibit one ::
this one's inspired by cheesecake factory's white chocolate raspberry truffle... kidding! but it does remind me of it though. yum.  it's actually inspired by the card that i featured here.

::  exhibit two  ::
 a little bright, a little frou-frou and a little 3d, but this definitely won't get lost in the shuffle.

::  exhibit three  ::
i struggled with the design on this one... but overall i'm happy with it.

Hope your week is going well.  Ours had a rough start that involved high fevers, sore throats, chills and a visit to the doctor.  Hopefully the worst is behind us!!

Have a great rest of the week! 

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