Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Make] Needle Felted Hearts

Felting with wool roving is something that I've been wanting to try for a few years now.  I finally tried it out this week and was happy with the process (not too difficult) and the results (cute inch-size hearts).

There are several ways to do this.  I tried 2 different methods-- felting with a needle and felting with a washing machine & needle...  Today I'm sharing my Needle Felted Heart Project.

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Needle Felting:

supplies needed
felt roving @ 13-14 inches of felt roving per ball- *I used the Martha Stewart Brand which is more yarn-like in form. you may need less if you use another brand.
felting needle
felt sheet, folded into eighths, to use as a felting pad
heart mold (optional)- I used a candy mold. a cookie cutter or ice tray would also work

felting needles can be pricey... use those joanns/michaels coupons!

 Cut off a 13 inch piece of roving*...

 For a softer mix of colors, break up the roving... For a color-block look keep the roving intact...

 Form it into a roughly-shaped heart.  Poke through with the needle to meld the fibers together.

If you hear the fibers "crunching" together, you're doing the job.  
Slow and steady works well... and beware of that sharp needle!

 Use the heart mold as a guide (or cookie cutter or just eyeball it) to keep the heart shape.

 Keep poking it into a heart shape...

 Here's how I made the crease at the top of the heart...

Use your felt pad (felt sheet folded into eighths) and really pack it in...

When the heart is compact and most of the fuzzies are packed-in, you're done!

my results: looser weave and a little fuzzier than the washing machine method... I'll be sharing the felted heart washing machine method next!

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