Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Make] "POP" Art

I purchased this black wire bowl over a year ago, intending to use it as part of a wall display for our kitchen nook.  So as not to offend any artists, I use the term "art" very loosely.  :)

i like the string-like texture and the airiness of the piece...

but the best part? what a steal!

I waffled back and forth on what I really wanted for that area and stuffed it in the back of our pantry and did nothing.  Nothing, that is, until yesterday.  

Yesterday, when I was cleaning out the pantry, I rediscovered the wire bowl.  I also happened to have out some nail polish and paints for another project... Then it hit me-- twang!  Don't you like it when that happens?

Black Wire with Cool Lines  +  Bright Colorful Polish  
A "POP" of color for the kitchen

the bright colors catch the eye, but it's used sparingly. the original black paint grounds the piece and keeps if from being too gaudy. 

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As far as the "How-to" goes, it's really easy...

paint on the nail polish or paint. 
 for the matte paints, i used a clear top coat of nail polish to give it a little shine and seal.

a close-up against a light background...

and a close-up against a dark background.

So here's the plan for the kitchen nook...

i'm thinking about these clocks 1, 23... and this mirror.

I should reorganize more often... Lots of potential can be found stuffed in the back of my closets and cabinets.  Hope your week is going well!

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