Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[Weekender] The One With... Sewing Lessons, Michael Jackson, Banana Bread, Falcons & Homework

What an odd compilation of activities!

It doesn't happen often, but every now and then I'll have a jam-packed weekend.  And, thanks to my parents who came over to watch the boys, The Mister and I were able to go on not one, but two dates!  Here's what I was up to this past weekend--

[1] SEWING - I took a sewing class... Can you believe it?
Now, that I know how to thread a machine... I'm armed and dangerous!

[2] MICHAEL JACKSON - We had a date night-- Yippee!

First we ate yummy Persian food at our favorite kabab place in the Valley...
Koobideh, roasted tomatoes & peppers, and saffron rice.  So good!

Then enjoyed Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson experience...
It was a wonderful mix of all things Cirque du Soleil (acrobats, gymnasts, contortionists) and awesome dancers and, of course, great, great music. I thought it was a nice homage to a great performer. I had to laugh at the reviews that complained about the acrobats, gymnasts & contortionists... It's Cirque du Soleil people, what were you expecting??!!

[3] BANANA BREAD - I made yummy Banana Sour Cream muffins for Smarty Pant's basketball team and bread for us.

light and moist with a cinnamon-sugar crunch. Yum! here's the recipe

[4] FALCONS - We took a drive to the Terranea resort in Palos Verdes and enjoyed beautiful scenery, good food, great company and balmy 75 degree weather.  Aaah!

I used to live in the area and had no idea that it is now a vacation destination... crazy!

We saw a falconry show too!
According to the handler, they can fly up to 250 MPH... I believe it!

Hanging out with a hood.

Eating some yummy pigeon treats.

They are used to keep seagulls from over-populating the area... And sure enough, when he was in the air, all of the birds disappeared. Except the pelicans.

[5] HOMEWORK - I wrapped-up the weekend by "helping" Smarty Pants with his "Star of the Week" board and display. And I naively thought that I was done with homework years ago! Silly me.

So it was a busy, busy weekend, and although I was thoroughly exhausted and am now buried in laundry and dirty dishes... It was worth it!