Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Make] Fluffy Yarn Wreath

With the addition of natural burlap and muslin to my Christmas decorations, I also wanted to add a wreath to the mix. To be quite honest, I don't usually do wreaths, but something about this warm, fluffy sweater-like wreath is right up my alley. Plus, it matches the Christmas Tree vignette that I'm working on.  :)

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Fluffy Yarn Wreath

materials needed:
2 skeins of bulky yarn in complementary colors. I used Lion Brand Yarns-- wool blend super bulky yarn in wheat and super bulky acrylic yarn in cream

wreath form - I used a 12-inch foam wreath**
white glue- I used Tacky glue
hot glue gun

** Please note: If you are using a larger wreath form, you will need to buy more skeins of yarn.  

Make 14 large 4-inch wool yarn balls--

Cut an 8-inch piece of yarn and set aside. Go back to the skein and wrap the yarn around your hand around 30 to 35 times. Make sure it is loose enough so that you are easily able to remove the yarn from your hand.

Slide the yarn off of your hand while keeping the shape and place the looped-bundle in the center of your 8-inch cut piece.

Firmly tie the cut yarn until the looped-bundle resembles a donut.

Then cut the loops and fluff out your yarn ball.

I wanted a fluffy, unstructured look so I didn't trim the yarn balls into pom poms, but left them more in their natural state.  Just a few clips here and there to keep them round.

One skein (106 yards) makes fourteen 4-inch balls.

Make 11 small 2.5 inch yarn balls--
Same instructions as the large yarn balls, except wrap the yarn around 3 fingers, 15 to 18 times. I used the cream acrylic yarn for these smaller balls.

Make eleven 2.5-inch balls, use the remainder to cover the wreath form

Assemble the wreath--

Wrap yarn around the wreath form.  I used the cream acrylic yarn.
Tip: since the yarn can get unruly, cut the yarn into a workable length then use white glue to attach the yarn to the form. You can see the joints, but that'll be covered up with the yarn balls.

Attach a hanger.

Attach the wool balls.  I used a hot glue gun. I tried to keep the shape as circular as possible without looking lumpy.  I started with a larger ball in the center of the form, then alternated between placing them higher and lower on the form.  I used the smaller cream balls to fill in the gaps and keep everything looking somewhat symmetrical.

And there you have it, a fluffy, cozy looking wreath!  :)