Monday, December 17, 2012

Remember the Heroes, Remember the Innocent

I hope you don't mind me stepping away from my usually blissful, all is pretty and happy blog. I will be back with my usual projects and inspirations, but I though it appropriate to recognize the recent events in Connecticut.

For me, the last few days have been the most difficult since 9/11. As a parent with young children, it was incredibly hard to send my preschooler and 1st grader off to school today. They are too young and innocent to know that everything has changed. But everything has.

My feelings have run the gamut. I am sad, angry, hurt and the "fixer" part of me wants to fix what is broken and find some sort of resolution. I know this is impossible to fix, but I always find that being proactive makes me feel better and more "in control".

Sad. Sad for the families. Sad for the beautiful children who will never have a chance to grow up. Sad for the community. Sad for the teachers whose jobs have become that more tough. Sad for the loss of innocence in a world where innocence is sometimes hard to find.

Angry. Angry at our society that glorifies violence. Angry at our media that sensationalizes and misreports. Angry at movies, video games & tv shows that desensitize us to violence and brainwashes the young and feebleminded.

Resolve. Resolve to remember the victims and not the perpetrators. Resolve to remove "voluntary" violence from our lives-- inappropriate tv, violent movies & video games, toys that encourage violence. Heck, boycott those violent movies & video games.  If we don't buy them, they won't make them.  Resolve to not buy or watch sensationalistic tabloid journalism. Resolve to teach ourselves and our children anger management-- everyone gets angry, everyone needs a healthy outlet. Resolve to step away from the television, computer, smart phone and keep our families socialized and healthy.

Thankful. Thankful to our teachers and administrators who love, teach and protect our children.  Thankful to our law enforcement officers and first responders who keep us safe and who go beyond the call of duty when we are in need. Thankful to our children who love unconditionally and give us a chance at a better future.

We cannot change what has happened. But, to quote Maya Angelou "When you know better, you do better". So simple, and so true. We must do better. We ARE better than this.

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