Friday, December 28, 2012

[Year in Review] My Favorite Projects in 2012

Yesterday I shared the Top 12 most Popular bb{b} Posts in 2012.  Now I'm sharing MY favorite posts. Sometimes overlooked but these projects hold a special place in my heart. Mmm hmm... Eh.  I just like 'em, kay?

best project for those with a brown black thumb

maps, globes, glitter... what's not to love?

i still adore chalkboard anything.

i'm a sucker for anything translucent... even if it's just paint on a jar.

gold + polka dots = happy face

concealer for the walls... best cover-up ever!

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baby's breath and bunnies... now if this isn't "spring", i don't know what is!

after much coveting, probably my best purchase of the year.

create without guilt!

and a new crafting tool is born...

Honeycomb Mantel 
natural & geometric too... 

all from stuff i already had on hand... the best kind of project!

Have a great weekend!

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