Thursday, December 6, 2012

[Make] Handmade Tree Vignette

Here's my 2012 Handmade Christmas Tree vignette. It's peaceful, it's neutral and little woodland creatures are hiding in there...My kind of decorations!  Many of the trees were used in last year's vignette, but I also added six more. Is there such thing as having too many trees? 

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I was thinking about adding some fake snow, but went with the burlap instead.  Still thinking about the snow though...

I'm a sucker for these little buri animal ornaments.  I just cut off the hanger.  I also bought a rabbit, but it was bigger than the deer, so it didn't make the cut.  I'm heading back to the store to pick up a bear and raccoon.

buri animal ornaments from Macys.  West Elm also carries something similar.

Tutorials available for everything shown (except the buri animals of course!)

My living room mantel coming up next!