Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to it!

The kids are back in school and Winter Break is officially over.  Boom. Just like that.  After a week in San Diego and a couple days in the South Bay, we literally just rolled back into town yesterday.  Unfortunately, our elf is nowhere to be found and he forgot to take down our Christmas decorations and stock our refrigerator with food... and gosh, I was hoping he'd stay long enough to tackle the loads and loads of laundry.  He did feed Garfield the fish though...

So back to reality for us!  I have a lot of clean-up and reorganizing to do, so I thought I'd just leave a few snaps of Winter Break 2012--
cotton candy clouds (beautiful but chilly weather!) : a nap while waiting for christmas dinner
playing with his bro's marble run (which took 2 hours for 2 adults to set-up!) : okinawan sweet potato (a new year's treat)
woodpecker in an old oak tree (can you spot it?) : the gas lamp district in san diego (our home away from home)
nutella & cream gelato from chocolat (their food is good too!) : at the sd children's museum

It's time to pack it all up!

Hope you're having a nice week!

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