Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[Organize] Where I Blog

In the spirit of the new year, it is time to reorganize and de-clutter our space. This week I looked around our home and it was easy to find the "problem" areas. Although we have some major reorg to do in the office and garage, it's the cluttered everyday spaces that drive me crazy. So we'll tackle those first!

First up is my "office". It's not really an office but the kitchen workstation that measures a mere 36" x 22" and is prone to paper build-up, runaway office supplies and messy drawers.  Time to de-clutter, simplify and personalize.

Due to the brown/gold granite, it tends to be a dark little space. Can you believe I've been living with this granite for almost 10 years?!! I didn't choose it but our old house had the same granite. What are the odds?  Anyhow, a kitchen remodel is not in our near future, so I just work in my dark little space and count my lucky stars that a window (and fish tank) are right next to me!

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Reorganized Workspace

clock, calendar, message board, tack board... and all the other necessities are close by and easy to access.

my little creative nook

love this clock... it fits perfectly into a small space.

Etsy Finds: kirie 1 clock by decoylab  & dog calendar by square paisley design
DIY Projects: cork letter; cork pencil holder; notebook; unfinished chalkboard that i stained walnut and painted the corners with copper metallic paint.

the calendar is poketo at target and this notebook is just a plain composition book covered in pretty paper. details here.

tip: to hang things straight-- decide where you want to hang your board/art. use blue tape and a level to make a straight line. line up your wall hanging to the tape-- guaranteed to be level!

and a peek inside the drawer. i used a drawer organizer to round-up all the batteries, screwdrivers, scissors and other loose supplies. and yes, that white thing is a child safety lock. the kids know how to open them, but it still serves as a deterrent.  :)

so much better!  now i can think more clearly.  :)

I'm tackling the entryway next. You will be appalled at the mess!