Monday, January 21, 2013

[Make] Sequined Heart

While cleaning up my craft supplies (yep, still working on organizing), I found a small foam heart that was half-decorated then abandoned. If my guess-timation is correct, it's been sitting in it's half-done state for about 15 years. Yikes... Definitely time to make something with it! So I removed the previous decoration and started fresh.

I usually stay away from the traditional pink and red hearts, but I still wanted something colorful and fun. I think the candy-colored sequins do the trick!


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Sequined Heart

What you need:
.5 inch sequin pins (I used @ 500 to cover the top and sides of the heart)
8 mm craft sequins (I used @ 500)
styrofoam heart  (mine measures 7X7 inches)
tape or material to cover foam shape (I used foil tape)
thimble (optional)
time :)  This took me around 3 hours over the course of a day.

The 7X7 inch foam heart.

Wrap foil tape or other material around the foam to create a nice base. This will keep any white from showing through and also finishes up the back of the foam heart which I chose not to cover.

The covered heart, ready for some color and shine.

The pretty sequins and the .5 inch sequin pins.  I had no idea that there were pins especially made for sequins. They fit perfectly and did not completely kill my fingers when I was pushing them in. However, if you have a thimble, I'd use it. :)

Start Pinning!  I started in the the middle and worked my way out. I spent a little extra time making sure that the sequins on the two points of the heart lay nicely.

This is what the heart looked like after one bag of 200 sequins. Please note that I did Not cover the back of the heart... just the top and sides. If you want to cover the back, you'll probably need an extra 200-300 pins and sequins.

The finished sequined heart...

It looks nice propped up...

and it hangs nicely too!

If you're in the U.S., I hope you're enjoying Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and also Inauguration Day!

Have a terrific week!

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