Monday, January 28, 2013

[Make] Decorative Heart Box #3

The last of the heart boxes! Are you tired of hearts yet?  I hope not because I have a couple more blood-pumping projects up my sleeve.  Heh-heh... blood-pumping...  I really shouldn't write these posts late at night.  :)

Anyhow, the tutorial for the burlap and wood heart is coming up after the jump. If you missed it,  the green heart-on-heart tutorial is here and the brass chevron box tute is here.

Click "Read more" for the tutorial

Burlap Heart Box

materials needed:
4.5-inch papier mache heart box
tacky glue
stamps (optional)
wood beads (optional)
hot glue gun (optional)

The papier mache box. Cut out a strip of burlap to wrap around the sides of the box.

Trace the lid and bottom of the box onto the burlap and cut out the two hearts.

Glue the burlap strip to the sides of box. I left the lid on since I did not want to cover the portion that falls under the lid. I wrapped the excess fabric under the bottom of the box, cutting it in a few places so that the burlap lay flat when glued down.

Finish off the box by gluing on the 2 hearts... one for the lid and one for the bottom of the box.  I also cut out a thin strip of burlap to cover the sides of the lid. I used a darker colored burlap to add a little contrast (see photo below). If you don't have a contrasting color, burlap can be painted.... I think it would be really pretty with a little burnished gold edge.

The burlap-covered box... ready to be embellished!

It can be stamped...

But I decided I wanted something more 3-dimensional so I strung up some small wood beads...

And arranged them into a heart shape. With a little hot glue, that was that! I also entertained the idea of attaching a little swag of boxwood or also spelling something out with some alphabet beads.  

The finished burlap box... ready to be filled with something.

Where did this weekend go?  I feel like I did a little of everything-- organizing, crafting, cleaning, kids activities, socializing-- but didn't accomplish much. Hmmmph. Well, except for the socializing... date night with friends was quite fun and an accomplishment in my book! I hope to get back on the organizing bandwagon this week. Wish me luck!

Have a nice Monday!