Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[Make] Painted Stained Glass

I love anything translucent and have been wanting to experiment with glass paint.  On a recent trip to Joanns, I didn't find exactly the glass paint that I wanted so I decided to try out stained glass paint.  It's not dishwasher proof, so not something you can use on drinking glasses or glass plates, but for pure decorative purposes, it was easy to work with and did the job.

Since this was an experiment, I decided to use upcycled jars. Now that I know how it works, next time I will paint-up some glass vases and ornaments.

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Stained Glass Paint

For this project I used Plaid's Gallery Glass stained glass paint. I bought the "economy" pack and with Joann's 50% off coupon it was even more economical .  My color palette was a little limited-- I really could've used yellow and orange, but it was perfect for its intended purpose.

The applicator made it easy to do simple shapes, dots and drips.  It may not work so well if you're planning on doing more detailed and intricate work.  But for my simple designs, it did the job.

The paint does go on opaque--
be sure to apply a generous amount of paint

But don't worry, it dries translucent--
when it dries, even the uneven lines blend in and look seamless

And although it does dry relatively quickly, I did wait overnight before handling.  Here's how they turned out--


I think my favorite is the "dripped" method.  So you're probably wondering what I'm going to do with these painted jars... Actually, it's part of my Get Organized plan.

The boys' art/work table is in our kitchen and is in great need of a purge and reorg. These little pen and pencil jars are the perfect start.

I'm off to pick-up Happy Vee from school.  Have a nice day!

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