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Make // Fabric Pinecone - Pleather & Faux Fur

If you like to craft, but aren't quite ready to go THERE with Holiday projects (I'm with ya, I get anxious just thinking of the holiday madness), then these little pinecones are the perfect project for you. They're great to use in Fall decor and can easily transition over to the winter holidays. I've made several variations over the years--

While these look similar in shape to the toile fabric pinecone, this time I streamlined the process and also experimented with different textures; Bring on the Faux Fur and Pleather!!!

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Faux Leather / Faux Fur Pinecone

materials needed:
egg form - I used plastic Easter eggs; large- 3.5"; small- 2.5"
material - I used white faux fur, gold foil pleather and distressed silver pleather from Joanns.
scallop template - will work with 3.5 " egg, reduce to 85% for 2.5" egg
hot glue gun
fabric scissors
lint brush/roller

Print the template, trace the form onto the back of the material and cut it out with sharp scissors. It takes 6 scalloped strips to cover the egg from tip to bottom.

If you are using an egg form that is smaller or larger than 3.5-in (9cm) tall, you may need to adjust the size of the template. For a 2.5-inch egg, I reduced the original template to 85%.

Make a small cut between each scallop, about three-quarters of the way down. Do not cut all the way through.

Every inch or so, cut a little triangle into the straight edge of the template. To make the small triangle, fold the fabric in half and cut at an angle. You may need to cut more of these "divots" when wrapping the material around the curved tip and towards the bottom of the egg form.

Cover the tip of the egg (the smallest point) with a small piece of material. Cut a small square out of the fabric. Make a cut into each side of the square and glue down each piece, overlapping as needed.

Start at the tip of the egg. Put a dot of hot glue at the bottom of the first petal and press down. Move on to the next petal, turning the egg as you go. My first layer has 5 petals. Continue to rotate the egg, adjusting each layer so that the petals are uniform and spiral down the shape of the egg form.

To cover the bottom of the pinecone, I freehanded a small "flower" shape and cut a little hole in the center. I used a piece of suede cord to use as the hanger. Twine, translucent thread, and metallic cording are other fun options.

Knot the cord and thread it through the middle of the "flower". Glue down the knot first, then glue down the rest of the cover.

And there you have it, a fun little collection of pinecones!

They make great "jewelry" for a simple lamp...

Just a couple of things to note... The pleather was the easiest to work with. With the faux fur, it took a little more time to shape the petals (it needed a little grooming!) and the fur is extremely messy. My guess is that it's kind of like living with a fluffy white cat that is shedding... a lot. I cut out all my shapes on the floor and vacuumed everything up at the end. It also helps to have a lint brush around because that stuff will stick to your clothing like no other!

This is a great way to decorate for Fall without going into the over-the-top, Holiday realm. If I made a few more, they would also look nice tossed in a bowl as a centerpiece.  Hmmm... I better get to work.

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