Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our Home // Somewhat Spooky Halloween Scene

When it comes to Halloween, I usually don't put up many decorations. Maybe a few pumpkins here and there, a few bats or some ghosts, but nothing too complicated or macabre. But I guess my decorations are so subtle that my kids' asked why I don't decorate for Halloween... So here it is, my attempt at somewhat spooky, not so subtle Halloween decor.

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Paper Bats on Wall

materials needed:
black paper or stiff craft felt
bat template via country living
black leaf garland (or an old leaf garland spray painted black... I used chalkboard spray paint for a flat look)
decorative gourds
tarnished silver or other decorations


Print and cut-out the bat template. Resize if necessary. Since the area I decorated is small, I resized my bats to 60% and 80%.

Fold the black paper or stiff felt and line up the flat part of the template to the fold. Outline with chalk or a metallic/white pencil, then cut out your bats.

Give the decorative gourds and leaf garland a burnt look by spraying them with a coat of chalkboard paint. I went a little heavy and I wish that I let a little more color shine through.

You can also buy black leaf vines... I've seen them at Joanns.

Decorate to your hearts content. I just used what I had on-hand but cool poison jars, sculls, rats, crows, cobwebs, etc. would all add to the scene. To hang the bats, I used double-sided tape on the mirror and washi tape on the wall.

We discovered these silver pieces when we cleaned out my inlaw's storage locker earlier this year. They'd been in storage since 1988, but actually aren't as tarnished as I thought they would be. But if you could've seen the cobwebs that we pulled out of that locker... thick and absolutely disgusting. I think that's what this scene is missing! I'll have to put faux cobwebs on the shopping list.

My attempt at droopy, almost dead flowers... They're looking a little too lively. I think they're begging for a coat of black spray paint.

A subtle "Boo!" written on the tarnished platter. I just dipped my finger in rubbing alcohol and quickly wrote it out. I wish it had more drips, but this'll do.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Am I the only one who isn't into macabre? So this year's Halloween decor is not as subtle as year's past, but subtle enough that I can keep up the decorations through October 31st without getting annoyed with it. 

This is probably it for my Fall projects this year. I overcommitted myself at the kids' school and their sports teams and I barely have time to think creatively, let alone execute anything. I have five school events that I'm responsible for and a couple of major travel-related sports events from now through the first week in December. I'm an introvert and am not into being over-involved super mom, so I'm just trying to get through it without going crazy!  

That said, I won't be able to post as much these next few months. Fall and Winter are always my favorite times to create, and I have a ton of ideas, but I think some of that is going to have to wait until next year. I'm a little bummed, especially since creating is my drug of choice, but after really struggling these past few weeks, I just have to keep it real and know my limits. So I'll be on blog-lite through November, but I really hope that I'll be able to share a few projects in December. Stay tuned!