Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Make] Flowered Pumpkin

or perhaps a Flowered Candle Holder/Vase?

or Flowered Hanging Pomander?

If you've been following along for a bit, you might remember that I used these plastic Martinelli bottles for Happy Vee's Bubble Party in July--
 they had me at the round shape, plus their apple juice tastes pretty darn good
(sparkling water + splash of apple juice = mmm-good).  

I saved all the bottles because I  knew that these cute little vessels had strong upcycling/crafting potential.  I've already dreamed up some ideas for Christmas, but since I can't go there yet, I quickly whipped up something more seasonally appropriate.

The Low Down
What you need:  
Empty and clean plastic apple-shaped Martinelli Apple Juice Containers
Hydrangea stems (one stem per container)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
optional-- branch for pumpkin stem (if you're making pumpkins), candle stick (if you're making a candle holder), string & paperclip (if you're making a hanging pomander).

Time spent:
It took about an hour to make three. I think... I'm trying to pay better attention to the amount of time it takes to do these projects, but sometimes interruptions are inevitable-- mommy, i want milk.  mommy, my car is stuck under the couch.  mommy can you play chutes & ladders with me?  You get the picture.  :)

i started at the top of the bottle and worked my way down.  i tried to cover the plastic without smashing the flowers together. 

to keep the "round" shape, i glued the larger flowers (there are a few on each stalk) around the middle section and smaller flowers around the top and bottom.

to keep the petals "poufy" and somewhat realistic looking, i applied the hot glue to the plastic "stem" of the flower.  sorry, couldn't think of a word other than poufy.  fluffy? nah.

to hang the pomander, i made a hook from a paperclip.  it probably wouldn't hold up in a wind storm, but will definitely work indoors.

not bad for an upcycle project.  and since the hydrangea stems were only $2.00 each, not bad for the pocketbook either.

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