Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Make] Gilded Brown Paper Bag Pumpkin

When we last left off, I showed you how I made this brown paper bag pumpkin.  Now comes the fun part-- Adding some glimmer and shine to that plain ol' paper pumpkin!

I wanted my paper pumpkin to fit in with my pumpkin collection, so metallic paint to the rescue!

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To add sparkle and shine to the edges of the pumpkin, gather a small section...

Then pounce on the gold metallic paint a little at a time...

Continue to the next section. When all the edges are painted, fluff out the pumpkin and let dry. After the gold metallic paint dried, I added another of layer gold glitter paint. I used the Martha Stewart brand for both paints.

Just the right amount of glitz without being gaudy...

And it fits right into the collection!

 BTW, the gold owl candle holder is from the Patch NYC collection at Target... he kinda fits right in there.

And there you have it, my upcycled pumpkin!  I have a ton more paper bags left, so I think I'm going to  make another one for the other side of the table... Maybe in bronze.

Hope you're having a nice week!

Somewhat Simple