Monday, January 20, 2014

Make // Mustache Valentine's Day Cards - Free Printable

We're no strangers to mustaches around here-- see our funny lil' man party  and cowboy party. Since they are fun and also a sugar-free option, I thought we'd incorporate them into my 7-year old's class Valentine's Day cards. I made a couple of versions.

One that's a straightforward declaration…

And another that's more for the faint of heart (aka, one that won't embarrass a 2nd grade boy)...

Click "Read more" for the free printable cards

Moustache Valentine's Day Cards

Material's Needed:
fake mustaches** - I purchased mine here (not so hairy version) and here (pretty scary hairy )
Valentine Card template--
   1. I {mustache} you to be my Valentine...
   2. I {mustache} you a question…
printer and card stock/photo paper (or you can send them out to be printed)
glue dots

**Just a note about the fake mustaches… neither brand sticks that well. Which can be a good thing. My kids have been running around with them stuck between their eyebrows (aka unibrow), so I'm glad the adhesive isn't super glue strength. :)

1) Print out template of your choice-- bold or savvy. Cut out the cards. I used a paper cutter.

2) Then unpack the fake mustaches and leave on the backing. Place a glue dot on the back of the mustache and adhere it to the card. This will give the mustache a little 3-D action, if you know what I mean.

The kids can then peel off the backing from the mustache and… Let the fun begin!

My five year old said "NO" to the mustaches, so I made something entirely different for his class Valentine's. I'll be sharing the printable later this week!


sources // circus font | beans font | century gothic