Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From the Archives // Valentine's Day Projects for Kids

Over the past few years I've made Valentine's Day Cards for my kids to hand out to their classmates. It started out as something fun to do… Remember when those 3D photo cards came out? I think I first saw them in 2009. Then I started to get a little more creative and personalize the cards to what my kids were into at the time. The last couple of years it's all about sugar-free Valentine treats. Our school has all the kids from the same grade exchange Valentines… When everyone gives candy, it seriously feels like Halloween in February. Our little sugar-free treats just balance out all the candy, or in the case of the party blower, probably enhance the sugar high!  ;)

It was fun to look at all of these again… Like a walk down memory lane! 

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Links to Tutorials and/or Free Printables

1. Personalized Super Hero Pop
2. A-MAZE-ING Valentine
3. Goldfish Bowl Valentine
4. Ninja Pop Valentines
5. Party Blower Valentine
6. Crayon Car Valentine
7. 3D Photo Valentine
8. Mustache Valentine

Since Valentine's Day shouldn't be just for children, I'll be back to share some V-Day ideas for us adults too.