Friday, January 3, 2014

Year in Review // My Favorite Posts in 2013

Yesterday I pulled together the most read, most liked, most popular posts in 2013 by you, the reader. Today, er... Tonight, I'm sharing MY favorite posts of 2013.

After 9 months of deciding where to hang this, I finally figured it out. It was almost like giving birth... Er, nev'r mind.  It's nice to look at from afar and when I get close, the photos, and the memories that go with them, just suck me in. Slooop!

So pretty and ethereal... Not to mention economical (epson salts & colored chalk). And you should see the eggs when they light up! hint: click the link!

This was a Pin It / Make It project that I put together on the cheap-- $1 gloves and a $.25 sheet of craft felt. So much for my Pin It / Make It "series" though... this is the one and only.  :)

I still have this hanging in my office (aka that little desk-thing in the kitchen) and it's very good at keeping track of all the little notes that I leave for myself. 'Cause, you know, if I don't write it down... (sigh)

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Much to my children's dismay, I'm not big on candy. So these maze cards, as well as the goldfish bowl cards make me a happy mama. Although, I have to admit, I still love the ninja pops and superhero pops too... 

I just love these pretty little doodads. I gave most of them away, but the 3 that remain in my possession will definitely be making an appearance next Christmas.

heart gift boxes
I'm not a red & pink kind of gal, so I like that these non-traditional hearts can be used year-round. The brass one resides in our powder room and holds little soaps and hand lotion.

I had so much fun with these. I love matryoshkas and have a small collection. Since plastic Easter eggs come in a variety of sizes, they make perfect Russian dolls. And yes, these do open up and "nest" inside each other.

This was a project that I created for SEI using their quality papers. They're really pretty in person and my MIL still has hers out on display.

This was our first major trip with the kids and we all had a memorable time. Quebec was just the start of the trip. We then took a 7 day cruise through the waters of Canada and New England with stops in Charlottetown, PEI (anne of green gables, anyone?), Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor and Boston. Then we stayed several days in Boston and had a great time enjoying all the historical sites and attractions. It took a few months to recover, but I'm ready for our next adventure!

So it's a wrap! Buh-Bye 2013... You were interesting, you were a little frustrating, you kept us busy, you tested my immune system... You were a little rough around the edges. I'm looking forward to a productive, not-so-crazy-busy, healthy and happy 2014! Onward and upward!!!