Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year in Review // 2013 Most Popular Posts

Why hello there! How was your week? I feel like I was in some sort of time warp and can't account for the last several days. It was Christmas, I blinked, and now we're 2 days into 2014. Whooosh! Crazy how that happens.

Whether you're working or taking time off, I hope that the past week has been a good one. We enjoyed some much needed down time at our place in San Diego. It was nice to unplug for a bit and reflect upon the year gone by.

I always like reading "year in review" posts, so here's ours.

bliss bloom blog's top posts of 2013

I guess you guys like upcycle/recycle projects? This was a fun one and I'm now dreaming up earth day projects for 2014.

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#2 upcycled jar series 
I was going through a creative slump this summer and decided to try out some new techniques. I'm so glad I did! That alcohol ink experiment later became these ornaments... one of my favorite projects.

This cute little Valentine was featured over at and babble. I've got plans for this year's crop of candy-free classroom Valentines. 

Another upcycle/recycle project that was popular. I edited the post to explain how to get them to float!

I just love velvet paper. Strong, soft, pretty and easy to work with. And guess what you need to form the flower? Plastic Easter Eggs!

I can't wait to break this out for a party. If this warm weather keeps up, maybe we'll have a bbq for President's Day.

The Gen-Yers gave me grief over these... but seriously, what would YOU do it given old lightbulbs to work with... Oh and you can't make a vase. My creative friends like them though... and that's what counts!

These are so easy... One of my favorite projects of all time.

This was such a fun and easy party to prepare. We were out of town for 3 weeks before the party so I literally pulled this together in 1 day. 

#10 fabric pinecones - toile | pleather / faux fur
My love of pinecones continues. These guys are still hanging on my family room lamp.

#11 cork tree
This was a spur of the moment project that came together nicely. We've been over-scheduled since September, so I'm just happy that a christmas project came together!

Love these and use them in my family room daily. 

These ornament vases were featured on Apartment Therapy
If you have some old ornaments still out and about, it's time to turn them into bud vases!

So these are the top viewed posts of 2013. I'll be back tomorrow with a round-up of MY favorite projects and posts.